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By Samantha Cronk - Journal staff writer

HEDGESVILLE - With a sign proudly heralding its arrival, the upcoming construction of a new business in Hedgesville will be the realization of a long-envisioned expansion for Hedgesville resident Kelley Rankin.

Rankin plans to break ground on a new physical therapy business, Hedgesville Physical Therapy, in April. This will be Rankin’s third physical therapy business in the Eastern Panhandle.

The facility will be 8,200 square feet and contain features such as a heated pool, therapy area and a wellness area for patients who finish their physical therapy regime but still want to remain active.

“We didn’t realize how much of a need there was in Berkeley Springs until we opened the business there I think Hedgesville is similar to Berkeley Springs, that there’s a void there,” Rankin said.

“There’s not a lot of young health care facilities in Hedgesville. It’s an area that needs growth,” added Jennifer, Rankin’s wife.

Rankin graduated from West Virginia University in 1997 with a master’s degree in physical therapy. Through owning his own businesses, Rankin said he feels like he is able to direct his passion in a way that benefits others.

“When people have a positive outcome, you feel like you were a part of that. It feels good to do something that helps the community,” Rankin said.

The project is estimated to cost around $2.5 million and is projected to be finished by winter this year. Although construction on the facility will not begin until spring, Rankin already has plans for a future expansion.”

(Hedgesville Physical Therapy is) right beside the Food Lion, and we own a lot of extra space there, so the goal is, as we get the building open and running, to open a full-size fitness center for people who want gym memberships,” Rankin said.

In addition to Hedgesville Physical Therapy, Rankin currently owns Ranking Physical Therapy in Berkeley Springs, which opened in 2001, and the Shenandoah Valley Physical Therapy in Martinsburg, which opened in 2004.

While experienced in the demands of opening a business and the work it takes to make a business successful, Rankin said he is more anxious about the Hedgesville facility than he was opening his first two stores.

“I had a spinal cord injury in 2005, and we didn’t have any children at the time. I think that drove me a little bit more to accomplish my goals and not let things detour me, but now, having two young children, what I do involves them, so I’m real nervous,” Rankin said.

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